Blogging vs. Podcasting: Which is Best for Building Brands & Followers

Blogging vs. Podcasting

For building your business and brand it becomes important for you to create content. But which platform is best for sharing that content? Is it podcasting or is it blogging? It’s your audience as well as you who have to decide the best platform. There are some pros and cons associated with these two platforms. We use voice in podcasting and written words in blogging. Now I am going to tell you which platform among blogging and podcasting is best for building brands and followers.

Blogging vs Podcasting

If we talk about closed-loop marketing and analytics then we find that there are some limitations in podcasting. These are:

  • Search-ability (SEO) is limited.
  • We can not use calls to action or links here.
  • In order to get salient information, you cannot skim the content.
  • You can’t get insight information because of rudimentary analytics.
  • For generating the leads, there is not any natural opportunity.

Now if we compare it with blogging then we find that blogging is advantageous. Some of the advantages of blogging are:

  • You will not require any special equipment. You can easily start and run a blog on websites like Squarespace, Medium and HubSpot.
  • Here we can do optimization for search very easily.
  • When consuming the content, the visitors have full control over it. The visitors can skim the content.

However, on the basis of the above information you can’t abandon podcasting because it has some advantages also.

Benefits of Podcasting

1. It provides a human connection – For connecting with the audience, the podcasts can help a lot. These help in communicating your brand voice’s tone, pace and rhythm with great ease. However, if on the screen we type words then these do not connect with the audience very easily. If you add a video in the podcast then these can build an intimate connection with the audience.

2. By making the use of trustworthy sources it provides us with firsthand information – On the basis of sources that are trustworthy and reliable it is possible to give information in real-time by making the use of podcasts. For instance, Genea’s fertility clinic runs a podcast known as Modern Babies. For explaining the options of the infertility treatment process, they are interviewing the fertility experts. Now if on the basis of the interview, we write content then this process will be cumbersome as compared to the use of a podcast for building trust and credibility among the audience.

3. While doing various tasks you can listen to the podcasts – The people can listen to the podcast while doing the grocery shopping, walking the dog or driving to home. Here, the audience’s visual attention is not needed. It is the benefit of podcasts as compared to blogs or videos.

4. People generally spend more time with the content of the podcast – The visitors usually do not pay attention in reading the full content that is present in the long-form. HubSpot says that in 2018, the percentage of visitors who skimmed the content of the blog was 41 %. These types of activities result in losing the information that is valuable. The two benefits of long-form content are:

  • It increases the visitor’s time on websites.
  • It generates more leads that are nine times more.

Now as per the Edison Research:

  • Among the people who listen to the podcast, the percentage of those people who listen to the complete podcast is 80 %.
  • Every week the people usually listen to seven podcasts of different types on an average.

For listening to the podcasts, every week 6 hours and 37 minutes are spent on an average by the podcast listeners.

What to choose among blogging and podcasting?

On comparing blogging and podcasting we find that whenever any of these platforms weakens then the other takes its advantage. With the passing of time, it will become possible to do SEO for podcasting. It is necessary to take the advantage of several platforms in a combined form so as to create a good marketing strategy. For this you need to check in what manner your target customer takes interest in consuming the content? Are the target customers taking interest in listening to the podcasts or reading articles online? If yes then it’s the time to check the weaknesses and strengths of your team. Go for a blog if a very good editorial team is present with you. On the other hand, going for a podcast will be a good idea if your staff has a personality that talks smoothly and he takes the services and items offered by your company so passionately. Always think about the target audience whenever you want to create the content and it needs to be resonant, valuable and honest.

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