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Do you want to submit a guest post and write for us?  Would you like your technology, digital marketing, SEO, business, gadgets, computer, hardware, app review etc.. tech related guest posts to be showcased on the StarMicroSolutions Blog?

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What are we looking for in a guest post?

Information Technology
Digital Marketing
Tech Startup
Tech Entrepreneurship
Computer Software/Hardware
App Reviews
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc Marketing)
Product Reviews Related to Technology and Digital Marketing
Web Design/Development Tips and Trends
Branding Related Articles
Search Engine Optimization

All guest posts must have these requirements:

Article length: 1000+ words Unique
High Quality Images (Copyright/Royalty-free )
Use of Headings and Subheadings
Small Paragraphs
Use of Bullets and Numbering
Only 1 link to your website (Blog page, no homepage)
Multiple Links to High Authority Websites
Include 1 Internal Linking to other Posts on StarMicroSolutions

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