Better Logo Placement on Product Packaging

Logo Placement on Product Packaging

By Marisa Hochberg

Better logo placement on product packaging can help increase brand visibility and
support brand identity. A recognizable logo announces a brand’s global identity, and
consumers are drawn to logos that connect with their emotions. This can lead to a
positive brand experience, and repeat purchases. When designing product
packaging, it is important to choose a logo that commands attention, preferably at
the top of the package. According to packaging design experts, consumers expect a
logo that is prominent and visible near the top of the package.

While choosing the perfect place for your logo on your product packaging can seem
difficult, there are certain principles that can help you make the most of your
marketing dollars. One of these principles is symmetry. Placing your logo at the
center of your package will create symmetry in your product packaging, making it
easy to see.

In addition to the product packaging, you should also consider packaging materials.
Tissue paper is one option that will work well with a logo. Custom stamps will add
your brand’s identity to tissue paper packaging. Custom stickers are another great
option. And if you are looking for a custom sticker, VistaPrint is a great place to start.
You can even choose to wrap individual products individually, which will add a
personal touch to the product and help your brand stand out from the competition.

Better logo placement on product packaging can increase brand recognition and
sales. Stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls have realized the power of good
logo placement. Most popular brands have their logos placed at the eye level of
consumers. Conversely, obscure brands are often positioned at the bottom or
topmost shelf.

Another important rule is to ensure that you have enough space for your logo. Some
colours can be easier to match, while others will appear off-brand. Make sure to give
your logo ample space to grow and to stay visible. The best place to place your logo
is where it can easily fit without overwhelming your product.

Logo placement plays a crucial role in attracting consumers, and should be used
carefully to promote your brand. It works hand-in-hand with the other components of
your product packaging, including the shape, color, and size of the logo. All of these
elements should complement each other to give your brand power and superiority
over competitors.