7 Innovative Mobile App Concepts That Changed the Market

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If we look back ten years from today, we will find mobile phones were an infant. The first-ever mobile application was launched in 2007. And ever since, we are observing that these applications have been beneficial in solving more and more challenging human problems in our day-to-day lives.

With an increase in mobile technology, we have seen the maturity of these apps in a rapid transformation in the business and made returns in the manifolds.

The maturity in the processes and speed have made the owners stand on their toes to match the latest technology’s momentum with a well-planned strategy to generate expected returns on investment. 

end to end solution and mobile technologies are now the fastest growing sectors with a revenue of 188.9 billion in the previous years. The rise in mobile application development has created a perfect ecosystem for development companies. The owners and developers who ignored or failed to match the demands of the users have led to the miserable failure of their mobile applications. 

Here are innovative mobile app concepts that have completely changed the ways by which business connects the users with no option of looking back.

Innovative Mobile App Concepts
  • Social networking applications:

The modern era of mobile application development is all about meeting the edge requirement of the trend. The first-ever recognizable social networking application was Six Degrees. The application came into existence in 1997. The application enabled the users to create their profiles and connect to new friends. In early 2000, social networking sites such as LinkedIn came into existence. By the years 2004 and 2005, Facebook and Youtube also revolutionized with headlines and video format of the content. Other sites like Tumblr, Spotify, Instagram, Quora, and Pinterest are now becoming the new social hotspot in the world of mobile app development.

  • SimpleC:

The application is beneficial in the healthcare industry. The app was developed with the aim to help older adults in their place. This means the people can get medical help at their businesses rather than moving to nurse homes or assisted living homes. The application is highly innovative in the field of health and wellness. The application gives timely reminders for healthy eating, proper hydration, and completion of other tasks as older adults’ memory is less reliable. The application also keeps a record for contents and reports approved by the family, which can be easily accessed from any place by the health providers and caretakers. The applications also allow customized video therapies that are substitutes to pharmaceutical treatments. The application is also capable of reporting memory loss in 60% of the patients within 30 days, thus helping in reducing the need for seduction.

  • NoAppFee:

The application is highly complex to work efficiently. The developers also have specific, simpler versions of these kinds of applications. The most crucial challenge with this kind of application is discovered while moving the application into an apartment during the process. The application is beneficial for homeless people who are looking forward to moving into an apartment. People with no hard cash especially get trapped into multiple complexions with the landlord. And apps process different fees for viewing other apartment pictures.NoFeeApp simplifies the means of connection between the landlord and the tenants, with an upfront fee of $35. The branded version of the application is one app Oregon. Applications with these concepts have the ability to transform the lives of users positively.  

  • Mapping Apps

GPS locations have been tested on mobiles since 2007. In 2008, Google launched its platform Google Maps, which enables the users with mapping services. These mapping apps by google were used by apple till 2012; later, it developed the mapping app for the ios6 version. We are all flooded with different features; some of these apps are Waze, maps.me, MotionX GPS, Verizon Navigator, and several others.

  • Grocery shopping apps:

We all know grocery shopping is one of the most common needs of the ordinary person. But at the same, we also know it’s not easy for a person to remember every single thing when they go shopping. Having a grocery shop makes your work very easy to remember things and get them all in one place. Grocery apps allow users to select items under various categories. Shoppers can choose the items and quantity easily from the list. Once the user adds all the things in the cart, the user can checkout and make payment for the selected items.

Grocery shopping apps are abundant now, and every app has some or other features different from each other. The developers are still haunting innovations in grocery shopping apps.

  • Finance apps

In 2018, almost 17% of Americans used one-stand budgeting finance apps. These apps provide overall banking services, budgeting and investing apps, and in-person payment apps. Users feel safe as well as engaging to use finance apps on mobile phones. Cash App was the most downloaded finance app among Americans for Q2 2019. The finance app provides insurance, investment, digital wallets, banking, investing, and several other features. These apps make the everyday life of the user very easy by offering various features. These apps allow easy sending and receiving money from one person to another. Particular apps also will enable the selling and buying of bitcoin within the app. The users can easily manage their finances within a few clicks. These apps have become so popular within a short duration as they are fast, safe, reliable, and convenient means of making financial transactions. With finance apps, users can save money, eye their financial transactions, bill payment, etc. If you are looking forward to developing a finance app, it’s your high time.

  • On-demand apps

We can observe a rapid change in consumer behavior, and the usage of on-demand apps is rapidly growing. The enormous factor that makes the consumer use these apps is the convenience of delivery. We can here say whether it be easy delivery or reduced time of delivery, the reason behind the growth of these apps is speed, simplicity, and convenience. On-demand apps fulfill the user’s desires quickly by offering comfort. These apps make things fast and convenient, and this is why they are snowballing. The idea for an on-demand app was developed in 2019 in android and ios devices for starting the business.

Innovative Mobile App Market

Despite the stiff competition, these apps are great options for starting up any business or those who already have a business but not an application. Food, beauty, logistics, medical, home service, and car rental are some of the most common industries to use on-demand apps.

Final Words: New horizons are opening for business owners with the advancement in technology. But all of those ideas need support from a reliable application company for building a successful and user-friendly application. This is the end of our list of innovative app concepts. You can choose among these ideas to rule in 2022. Happy developing!