Instagram Marketing Strategy: How To Gear Up Your Business In Upcoming Years

Instagram Marketing Strategy

By Marisa Hochberg :

Many brands are integrating Instagram strategies into their marketing ideas. They can work with photos, videos, and gifts because these all bring more engagement rates. 

Visual contents are mastering social networks nowadays, even if it’s a selfie picture or a cute pet video. Instagram stands front when it comes to visual content. 

Now, let’s see how to gear up your business in the upcoming year through magnificent Instagram marketing strategies.

Make An Alluring Profile On Instagram

Make sure that your Instagram profile is well optimized for your targeted audience and business. The Instagram profile of your brand is nothing but a well-explained story of your business or brand. Be friendly and social. 

At the same time, you need to take care of your Instagram bio, which should be informative and exciting. It’s the central part to cover up your targeted audience. Add a clickable link to your Instagram bio because it’s the only spot where you can add clickable links on Instagram.

Tag Your Business Location

Your business should be accessible both offline and online. And there’s a location tag that helps you to pin your exact address. 

The location tag helps the people get you offline and acquires more exposure by finding in Instagram searches.

Build Your Brand Identity Feeds On Instagram

Developing a good Instagram profile may be difficult, but it’s a crucial Instagram strategy in upcoming years. But businesses and brands should skip this step now.

Product pictures make an enormous contribution to shopping online, and the visual platform of Instagram uses this power more effectively. 

Include your brand’s personality, and tone in the Instagram feeds. Play with your brand’s style and add your brand value. Moreover, be human and honest.

Make Attractive Captions

Fresh and creative captions on Instagram are the best key to attract customers, but it is hard to caption your video contents or images every time. According to a report, captions of up to ten words boost Instagram engagements for brands and businesses, notably when combined with Instagram carousel posts. 

Focus On Your Target Audience

Analyze what brings your targeted audience to your product and follow this in the feeds on Instagram.

Don’t compromise on your message and post’s quality. Use the network to make your audience more closer through intense conversations on visions and shared values.

Research Competitor’s Strategies

Notice your competitors regularly to understand what they are promoting on the platform. Get to know:

  • Content-type that they publish on Instagram.
  • How often are they posting?
  • Their hashtag strategy

Gain insights about your competitor’s strategy and new tricks to develop your marketing approach.

Use Magnificent Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are used to track the user’s content they are searching for. It would be best if you used relevant hashtags to your post so that many users can get your posts while searching. It’s the most significant way to get more impressions on Instagram with the right hashtags to your posts, leading to massive engagement rates.

Here are the tips that make you use the best hashtags on Instagram:

  • Provide 3-9 hashtags in every post.
  • Go for hashtags that have more searches.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your targeted audience. Clicks may be very few, but the quality could be very high.
  • Make branded hashtags in case of the campaign or brand-specific hashtags.
  • Go for location-related hashtags to target your brand’s area.
  • Please get to know whether it is best to use hashtags in the first comment or captions.

Make Carousel Posts

According to the engagement evolution study done by Instagram, carousel posts are the ones that get more Instagram impressions and reach as long as brand content is concerned. It is a perfect way to showcase your brand’s unique features, a team post, product images, etc. You can upload up to 10 videos or pictures in a carousel post to communicate your brand message to the target audience, thus increasing sales conversions.

     How To Make An Instagram Carousel Feed

If you have taken more photos or videos of your new products or any features, you wish to share with your fans, making a carousel post allows you to upload it together.

Uploading a carousel post on Instagram is quite a different process than a regular post. Use the below-mentioned steps to bring it:

  • Launch Your Instagram and click on the “Add post.”
  • Tap “Multiple-Image Post” in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Then you could select up to ten videos or images to post. Be sure that they are in order if it’s a process-based post.
  • Click Next.
  • Please have a look at your selected images by swiping them. You could add filters and edit every single photo or video that you have chosen. 
  • Click Next when your editing works were completed.
  • Write attractive captions and add tags that you like to include. At last, click the Share option to make your stunning carousel post live.

Create Interesting Stories On Instagram

Stories are the most prominent feature on the platform. If you could tie the brand identity with your narratives, it brings your audience to connect with you and adds value to your post’s content. 

Stories that you post pays the route to brand loyalty. And also, your feed on Instagram should follow the image of your brand or business. It creates more uniformity.

Work with GIFs, mention people, add hashtags and music to your stories, etc. The new features of Instagram stories help like a bridge between your audience and you. Creating content to their interest and needs is more crucial than ever. Ask them through polls; it’s the simplest way to get opinions from your audience by uploading straight-forward and specific questions. It helps you to develop your products and also make your audience feel connected with your business.

Engaging Posts On Instagram

Check the data regularly to know what content type on Instagram makes more attractive to your targeted audience. 

Make use of Instagram analytics tools and find out your most successful posts on Instagram. It’s a great way to get what your fans like. Engagement is the Instagram king. So please make use of it in the right way.

Wrapping up

Don’t be shy to try new things on the platform. The algorithm of every social media feeds page changes frequently. Whatever perfectly worked for you last month doesn’t work for you now—constantly being updated to bring new things.

You want to keep your mind on some things like top-quality images, engaging posts, UGC (User Generated Content), and featuring topics.

The guide mentioned above helps you more to bring the business more successful with your Instagram strategy.